On a musical level Finland already surprised us more than once, and Sväng is certainly no different. This Quartet, consisting of Eero GrundStröm, Pasi Leino, Jouko Kyhälä and Eero Turkka (all former alumni of Helsinki's renowned Sibelius Academy) was founded in 2003 and focuses on the harmonica in all its variations (even including a rare Harmonetta, a combination of a harmonica and a melodica, and a heavy bass harmonica). It already earned the foursome the nickname: "harmonica-equivalent of the Kronos Quartet" and founder Jouko Kyhälä describes their music as follows: "Our background comes from our country's history. Finland lies between the east and the west. Both melancholic Russians as well as cheerful Swedes used to dominate the country. Hence both aspects are present in Finnish mentality and music alike. We have a deep passion for minor tonality with all its wistfulness. At the same time we also have a lot of joie de vivre.". 'Hauptbahnhof ', already the band's sixth album, features both interpretations of Finnish tangos as Balkan rhythms and even harmonica versions of a waltz from the Japanese anime film 'Howl's Moving Castle' (Hayao Miyazaki, 2004) and 'Hedwig's Theme' from 'Harry Potter'. Sväng is proof that focusing on a single instrument doesn't necessarily need to be boring.