Yours truly had honestly never heard of Tabizla; which is a bit odd as it turns out this twelve-piece band from the Antwerp municipality of Puurs has already been going at it since 2008. As twelve musicians produce a better sound than, say, five, musically speaking their debut album 'The Coming' sounds fine. Lyrically the album is quite light-footed though; singer and songwriter Peter de Wit, alternates between Dutch, English and French and seems to have a preference for humorous rather than for deeper messages. That frivolity will undoubtedly not be to everyone's taste and 'The Money' even reminded yours truly of 10CC (who doesn't remember 'Dreadlock Holiday', a story about a white boy who ends up in the rough part of Kingston). In summary: musically 'The Coming' is a nice effort, but Tabizla's lyrics would benefit from a bit more depth.