After in recent years re-releases of British band Talisman's early work appeared on sister label Bristol Archive Records, and the band has clearly found a second wind with 2013s 'I-Surrection' and its 2017 successor 'Don't Play With Fyah', Sugar Shack Records now presents the career spanning compilation album 'Nothing Change: The Best Of Talisman 1977-2018'. Apart from a few quieter years, the London based band has been playing for four decades now, and that's certainly something to be celebrated! The track list contains 17 songs stretching all the way back from the period the band was still called Revelation Rockers, to three tracks from their latest album 'Don't Play With Fyah', and of course this compilation also has some rarities on offer, allowing you, for example, to compare the original 1979 Revelation Rockers version of 'Wicked Dem' with the later version that would become Talisman's second single four years later. Apart from the original version of 'Wicked Dem', 'Culture', another song from their Revelation Rockers period, is also released on CD here for the first time. Excellent career overview of a British reggae band still standing strong after forty years!