After spending more than a decade in the shadow of her brother, Chilean reggae artist Quique Neira, as a backing vocalist, Italia 'Talulah' Neira now ventures into the spotlight herself with 'Mujer' ("woman"). Talulah definitely doesn't lack experience, as in addition to her work with her brother, she was also part of ska and reggae projects like Iration, 12 Tribus and later Argentine band Manifiesto Skajazz (on 'Mujer' featured in 'Cielo' or "heaven", an adaptation of world smash 'Sunny', originally recorded by Bobby Hebb, but best known in the version by Boney M.) and the Chilean Jah Bless. In addition, Italia is a music teacher at the Liceo Christa McAuliffe in the Chilean capital Santiago. The track list of 'Mujer' is a successful mix of everything between ska, rocksteady, lovers rock and roots. Talulah opens with 'Lo Que Imagines', reggae meets souls meets hip-hop and a duet with Chilean rapper and singer Vanessa Valdez. In pure lovers rock style (only the fact the song is sung in Spanish reveals this is not a UK production) she continues with 'No Me Hagas Neira Daño' ("don't hurt me"), and the similar 'Sin Fin' ("without end"). To complete the hat-trick there's 'Abrazos' ("hugs"), a delicious duet with Chilean singer Sista Angela. Even more lovers rock you say? No problem, because 'Don't Give Me Nothing But Love', a combination with Ras Q (the singjay alter-ego of brother Quique) and the only song on 'Mujer' for which Talulah switches to English, also falls into that category. But for 'La Historia', stating every action causes a reaction and every decision has consequences, and 'Cambiar El Mundo', about altering society with love and a positive mindset, she changes pace and delivers two excellent conscious songs. The album concludes with 'Sin Fin Dub' and 'Don't Give Me Nothing But Dub', two excellent dub versions, but just before those two tracks there's still 'Florecitas Azules' ("blue flowers"), for which Neira goes rocksteady. With 'Mujer', Talulah Neira definitely signs for an excellent debut effort. Quique should be proud of his little sister!