'Kidal', already the fourth long player by the young Tuareg lions of Tamikrest, is a tribute to the village of the same name in northern Mali where front man Ousmane Ag Mossa grew up; a town regarded as the unofficial Tuareg capital and a symbol of their resistance and defiance. Commenting on the songs on the album, Ousmane states: "I wrote most of the songs when I was in the desert. If you want to talk about the situation, you really need to live it. 'Kidal' talks about dignity. We consider the desert as an area of freedom to live in, but many people consider it as just a market to sell to multinational companies, and for me, that is a major threat to the survival of our nomadic people.", or as he sums up in 'War Tila Eridaran': "My love is my country, my ambition is freedom!". 'Kidal' was recorded in Bamako, produced by Mark Mulholland and mixed by David Odlum, who previously already received a Grammy for his work with Tinariwen. Tamikrest were already among our desert favorites and with 'Kidal' they certainly don't disappoint.