Of all Latin American music genres tango is certainly closest to classical music; something Dutch band Tango Extremo, a five piece ensemble around violinist Tanya Schaap, also must have noticed as on 'Dama De Blanco' they give a number of well-known compositions by composers like Claude Debussy, Georg Friedrich Händel and Sergei Rachmaninoff a tango makeover. But you won't find just classical music on 'Dama De Blanco'; the album opens with a cheerful tango version of Nino Rota's 'La Dolce Vita' and for 'Cansado Por El Sol' Tango Extremo also ventures in the world of the movie soundtrack, this time that of Russian composer Eduard Nikolaevich Artemyev. 'Moreno Do Mar', a Brazilian classic by Dorival Caymmi, also gets a tango reworking and for 'Estate', a song by Italian jazz composer Bruno Martino, Tango Extremo shows its most jazzy side. 'Dama De Blanco' is Tango Extremo's seventh album, marking the band's tenth anniversary and offering the listener a varied and original take on tango.