For this new long player Malagasy multi-instrumentalist Tao Ravao - Ravao debuted on the mandolin, then switched to the banjo and the guitar, but after a trip to his native country eventually succumbed to the charms of the kabosy - joined forces with French harmonica player Thomas Laurent. The result is 'Au Bout Du Petit Matin', an album which in addition to traditional Malagasy folk songs ('Nofy', 'Mamy T', an ode to Tao's mother who passed away in 2010) also contains Cape Verdean saudade ('St. James Infirmary'), Brazilian forro ('Inxuga O Rato'), Trinidadian calypso (opener 'Count Zebra', an ode to the calypsonian of the same name) and Creole influences (the Cajun vibes of 'Tite Fleur Aimee'). The album's title is a reference to 'Cahier d'Un Retour Au Pays Natal' ('Notebook Of A Return To The Native Land'), the iconic work of Martinican author Aimé Césaire dating from 1939, in which the poet reflects on the position of blacks in what was then still a colonial society. Album that continues to fascinate and intrigue thanks to its eclectic character.