With his new album 'Sugar Daddy', T.D. Rankin seems to have found a new flow. Most of the tracks on the album show influences from nineteen eighties digital dancehall; other tracks tend more to UK steppers. 'Too Much Division', T.D. Rankin's previous album, contained a number of well-known riddims, but on 'Sugar Daddy' riddim riders will have to content themselves with 'Wicked Man', a tune based on the Love Me Forever riddim. The somewhat spoken word-like rub-a-dub style seems tailor-made for T.D., but lyrically Rankin could dig a little deeper at times ('License To Kill', 'Mi Heart Sing'). The clearly autobiographical 'Raffi' proves he can do better when he chooses to. Yours truly's favorite tracks? The catching opener 'No Bother Me' and - because of the quirky riddim used - the final track called 'Oh What A Day'!