It's only thanks to this third album that we finally got the pleasure to get to know The Bombay Royale. The name may sound like that of a luxury hotel in Mumbai, fact is this is an eleven-piece band from Melbourne around vocalists Parvyn Kaur Singh and Shaurov Bhattacharya (daughter of the religious shabad singer Dya Singh), and band leader Andy Williamson. Each of their albums is conceived as the soundtrack to a forgotten Bollywood film, mixing retro Bollywood with psycho-surf (title track 'Run Kitty Run'), eighties electro-pop ('Zhooti Nain', 'RoboBeez', reminding us somewhat of the theme tune of 'Doctor Who'), disco ('Mera Nam Hai/Lucky') and desert rock, and with Parvyn and Shaurov alternating between Hindi, Bengali and English. If, like yours truly, you don't mind a good dose of Asian Bollywood vibes, The Bombay Royale is definitely your thing!