A year after the release of their 'Sun Is Dub' EP, Argentinian twins Mauro and Federico Salina return with successor 'Now'. For 'Simona', the closing track of 'Sun Is Dub', the duo, always hidden behind monkey masks, collaborated with Mexican Unidub Estereo, and on 'Now' they continue that link with Mexico with 'Coatlaxopeuh', etymologically possibly the original name or description in Nahuatl for the Virgen de Guadalupe or Virgin of Guadalupe, the patron saint of Mexico, and since 1945 of all Latin America, and loosely translated: "Our mother who crushes the snake". For the intro of opener 'King', Mauro and Federico used a sample from 'China Boogie', an oriental flavored composition by German jazz violinist and composer Helmut Zacharias from 1955, and in 'Miths 11' fragments of recordings of mission interviews with the astronauts of the Apollo 11 mission can be heard. With 'Raices' we finally return to Asia, as for this song The Dubbstyle sampled Kohochiro Miyati's shakuhachi, a Japanese flute. Varied dub-EP by a duo that apparently has no trouble finding enough inspiration.