The Expanders may be yet another Californian reggae formation; they most definitely drew inspiration from Jamaican vocal trios like Mighty Diamonds, The Gladiators or Culture. After their 2011 self-titled debut and the 2012 cover-album 'Old Time Something Come Back Again', for 'Hustling Culture' the band now signed Michael Goldwasser's Easy Star Records label. Unlike many other American reggae bands, The Expanders don't embellish their songs  with influences from rock, jazz or hip-hop beats, but instead opt for laid-back roots reggae (the vintage-sounding 'Uptown Set', 'People Business') and mellow lovers tunes ('Too Late', 'Piece Of Love'). We were most taken by opener and title track 'Hustling Culture', the horse neighing in 'The Horse', and the 'Game Of Thrones' influenced (?) 'Iron Throne', ending in a delicious dub outro. Solid American roots release drawing its strength from the excellent instrumentation.