Yours truly got to know The Grinders thanks to 2013's 'Let's Keep On Jammin', a collaboration with deejay-veteran U Brown. For this new long player U-Man and Chalice Cooper drew inspiration from the kung fu movies from the nineteen seventies. In analogy with the Bruce Lee classic 'Way Of The Dragon', they called the album 'Way Of The Lion', and succeeded in enthusing a whole host of guests: Ranking Joe, Ranking Ann, Carlton Livingston, Squidly Cole, Tabby Diamond and, of course, U Brown ... all lend a hand (all nicely introduced in the intro of the album, disguised as a boxing match announcement). We of course immediately melted for the Japanese lovers rock of 'Kissing In The Rain' featuring Sister Sauti (instant classic in the genre!) and 'Hold On To Your Dream' with Squidly Cole and Tabby Diamond is also a must from the track list. With 'Liar Liar' Carlton Livingston and Keith Leblanc revive the old English expression "liar, liar, pants on fire!", and for the instrumental (!) ganja tune 'Latino Skunk', The Grinders even added some Latin vibes. To conclude with the legendary words of ring announcer Michael Buffer (also featured in the intro of the album): "Get ready to rumble!"