The Selecter, one of a handful of trending British bands putting 2 Tone ska on the map back in the 1970s (see also The Specials or The Beat), at the time, enjoyed worldwide fame with songs like 'On My Radio' or 'The Selecter'. Unfortunately the band already split up in 1981. Various reunion efforts followed, but never amounted to much and these days there are even two bands with the same name: one around songwriter Neol Davies and another formation featuring singer Pauline Black and vocalist Arthur 'Gaps' Hendrickson. The latter are now releasing this 'Subculture' album. The fact this new Selecter album was mixed by none other than Prince Fatty, only sharpened our curiosity. Black and Hendrickson switch back and forth for the lead vocals on 'Subculture', a successful mix of ska, reggae and punk vibes, sounding as if not a day has gone by since 'On My Radio'. The most striking song from the track list is without a doubt the ska cover of the Patty Smith classic 'Because The Night', but tracks like opener 'Box Fresh', a fitting song about new beginnings, or the Blondie-vibes of 'Open Goal' could also meet yours truly's approval. More than three decades after the band's formation The Selecter is still very much alive and kicking!