The Simpkin Project is a band from Hunting Beach, California around keyboardist/producer Shawn Taylor and guitarist/vocalist Phil Simpkin. The band already released two self-produced albums, but 'Beam Of Light' now appears on Dub Rockers, a sublabel of VP Records. For this album The Simpkin Project joined forces with New York based producer Frank 'Rellee' Hayden (A-Team Productions) with the members of family project New Kingston acting as backing band. 'Beam Of Light' still opens in style with 'Hustling', and 'Passion' and the excellent lovers tunes 'Perfect Harmony' and 'I'll Be There' could also convince, but the remaining tracks on 'Beam Of Light' just sounded a tad too poppy, too American, to our ears. The absolute low point on the album is 'Many Rivers To Cross', a cover of Jimmy Cliff's reggae classic, a song better left untouched. What should have been a 'Beam Of Light', sadly turns out to be nothing more than a thin ray!