Canadian band The Souljazz Orchestra continues to lighten our spirits by regularly turning out albums that are always of a high level. After their previous, predominantly acoustic album 'Rising Sun', the Souljazzers once again opted for an amplified sound and supplemented with a number of vintage instruments like an Italian electric Elka piano, that results in a great groovy sound. Opener 'Bibinay' is a sturdy afrobeat track, but 'Solidarity' also offers salsa ('Ya Basta') or reggae ('Jericho', 'Kingpin') and lovers of African music will undoubtedly recognize Orchestra Baobab's 'Nijaay'. The cover illustration is reminiscent of the 1960s, an era when several African States had just acquired their independence and the continent still bathed in an atmosphere of optimism. One of the world music gems for 2012!