'Ride On' is The SteadyTones', a five-piece Bavarian ska, rocksteady and early reggae formation, second album. As Heavy Allstars, this band already got a fair share of stage experience, backing, among others, Stranger Cole, Doreen Shaffer, Dawn Penn and Keith & Tex. On 'Ride On' The SteadyTones sound like a seasoned ensemble from the heydays of ska and rocksteady, with the vocal harmonies of guitarist Max 'Maxwell' List and drummer Florian Strober as the cherry on the cake. In the track list sexual tongue-in-cheek allusions like 'Pussy Cry For Food' (just think of classic 'Big Bamboo'), reality tunes like 'News Man' or 'All They Say', and lovers tunes like 'Don't Say' and 'Last Wine'. 'Somethings Got To Change' is a ganja tune in which The SteadyTones call on Angela Merkel to finally legalize marihuana, and with 'Constantinopolis' and 'Ride The Giraffe' the track list also contains two instrumentals. Excellent long player for those who can appreciate a nice dose of vintage vibes.