Last year Jamaican super group Third World celebrated its thirtieth anniversary with 'Black, Gold, Green', an album that is a tribute to all the beauty that the Caribbean island has to offer. In fourteen tracks 'Black, Gold, Green' merges just about all genres between soul and dancehall. It's definitely not a straightforward reggae album, but that has always been the trademark of this band that left behind the traditional roughness of the ghetto a long time ago. 'Black, Gold, Green' is clearly an album by a super group that manages to transcend the boundaries of Jamaica with ease; yours truly prefers calling this a professional rather than a commercial effort. Even after thirty years, lead-vocalist Bunny Rugs is still the proud owner of one of the sweetest voices in reggae music and when you put him next to Beres Hammond for 'Love In The Air' you get an instant lovers rock-classic. The two cover versions on the album, 'Fade Away' (with Mike and Riké from French band Sinsemilia) and Ashford & Simpson's 'Solid', weren't really called for. An album to enjoy with your sweetheart. Yours truly wishes Third World another thirty years!