The sleeve design of 'Be Love', already Thrive's fourth album to date, may suggest that this is an ambient meditation album, the Santa Cruz, California based band is in fact a reggae trio. The band was founded in 2008 and for 'Be Love' called on the services of producer E.N. Young and his Imperial Sound Recording Studio at Imperial Beach. It resulted in 12 brand new tracks the one time reminding us of SOJA (opener and title song 'Be Love', 'Waiting', Dan Herrera's trumpet), but elsewhere more akin to the poppy surf reggae of Rebelution ('Trust', 'Not Enemies' featuring Leon Davey of Katchafire, 'Teardrops', 'Cause And Effect' featuring vocalist/guitarist Corrick Watson of Through The Roots). In a class of its own and our personal favorite on 'Be Love' is ganja tune 'Ganja Tree' for which Thrive was joined by Jamaican band Rootz Underground. Is there actually anyone left in California not playing reggae at the moment?