In France Tiwony is already a household name and his 'Cité Soleil' is regarded as one of the more important reggae/dancehall releases for this spring. With his fifth album the singjay from Guadeloupe proves once more to be a jack-of-all-trades (reggae, dancehall, hip-hop, zouk, Tiwony does it all). The fact not all 18 tracks on 'Cité Soleil' attain the same level is not surprising (feel free to use the skip-button for a stinker like 'Give You Wings' featuring Gyptian & Anthony B), but at no time that has something to do with Tiwony's vocal qualities. In the track list we even found a song entitled 'L'Union Fait La Force' ("unity is strength", until further notice Belgium's national motto), a tune which, in these times of political crisis, could grow into a protest song in no time (deejays grab your chance!).