The tracks on 'The Revenge' can roughly be divided into two categories: on the one hand there are the solo tracks for which Tom Fire created an instrumental poppy electro dub universe, and on the other hand, there are the songs for which he collaborated with a number of guest vocalists. That last group of songs differ in genre: for 'Mina De Niteroi' he invited Paris based Brazilian beauty Flavia Coelho and on 'Marche Ou Rêve' French hip-hop legend Mc Solaar finally returns from oblivion. 'Brainwash' featuring Matthew McAnuff (which already popped up on the eponymous EP) and 'Legalize It' with Derajah are more reggae flavored tracks on the album, while 'Get Baptised', a duet with Jaqee, can be classified as the better pop song. 'The Revenge' offers variation aplenty and made us wonder what else we can expect from Tom Fire in the future.