You don't have to look too far to imagine where Tomawok drew inspiration from for his new 'Eek a Wok' EP. Apart from the title, there's the cover image, not a Tomawok in Indian headdress and war paint, but with a Mexican sombrero and poncho; a nod to record sleeves on which Eek-A-Mouse was dressed similarly. And for the 6 song track list Tomawok also delved into The Mouse's oeuvre. Opener 'Ganja City' is a French revamp of Eek's 'Ganja Smuggling', for 'Indian Squaw', in which Tomawok alternates between English, French and Spanish, the French deejay did the same with 'Wa-Do-Dem', and 'Pneumostory' is Tomawok's interpretation of 'Virgin Girl'. With 'Ever Ready' we get a combination tune in pure digital eighties style with the now almost ubiquitous Junior Cat (see also Manu Digital's 'Bass Attack' or Little Harry's 'Youngest Veteron'), and the EP concludes with a remix of 'King Kong', a song that was already featured on Tomawok's 2015 'Weedamuffin' album.