Two years after his debut album 'Sunrise', Dutch saxophonist Tommy Tornado is back with successor 'Cool Down'. Yours truly had criticized 'Sunrise' for having a somewhat amateurish album cover and Tommy seems to have taken that to heart as 'Cool Down' has a sleek jazz style design. Musically 'Cool Down' isn't bad either; opener 'Marcus Garvey' is a nice swinging cover of Burning Spear's hit tune and most other songs in the track list also sound quite rootsy. Yours truly was especially taken by the instrumental tracks on 'Cool Down'; the vocal contributions by illustrious strangers like Tobias Loudmouth and Awwa broke the vibe a bit. That being said, 'Nitt Nitt Moyr Garabbaam' featuring Gambian Mdungu vocalist Ebou Gaya Mada deserves a special mention. Well produced and extremely pleasant album!