Roots lovers have known it to be true for a while now: there seems to be something in the air in France, because the country is overflowing with average to really excellent sounding reggae formations. Tu Shung Peng, a backing band from the suburbs of Paris who won bronze in last year's edition of the European Reggae Contest, has joined forces with France's most impressive roots label: Makasound. Makasound always takes things seriously; a few months ago they already released a reissue of Tu Shung Peng's debut album 'Around Tu Shung Peng' and now are already presenting its successor 'Trouble Time'. That Makasound's trust in Tu Shung Peng might be well founded, is proven by the apparent ease with which Tu Shung Peng managed to persuade reggae legends like Ken Boothe, Michael Rose, Clinton Fearon and Joseph Cotton to lend a hand (even though this means lead vocalist Ras Daniel Ray stays somewhat in the shade). Tu Shung Peng is definitely a name to be remembered!