After 2012s 'Yechelal' and 2016s 'Awo', the third album by French Ethio-crunch ensemble uKanDanZ is appropriately titled 'Yeketelale', Amharic for "it continues". The line-up of the French quartet, supplemented with Ethiopian vocalist Asnake Guebreyes, has changed a bit, as bassist Benoit Lecomte and drummer Guilhem Meier quit and were replaced by Adrien Spirli and Yann Lemeunier. The Ethiopian rock uKanDanz served on their previous albums, also seems to have become more accessible, but no less solid. Adrien Spirli plays synth bass, and that sound, together with Lionel Martin's sax and Guebreyes' voice, dominates on 'Yeketelale'. Opener 'Gesse' immediately sets the tone and is a song excellently suited to dance the eskista or Ethiopian shoulder dance to. Way more intimate is 'Enken Yelelebesh', a wonderfully nostalgic tizita over an eighties-style synthesizer melody in which Asnake seems to muse about his homeland Ethiopia. The absolute highlight of the album is the more than nine minute long 'Fetsum Deng Ledj Nesh/Asnake's Bet', in which saxophonist Lionel Martin is given complete free range. Hell of an album, fans of Ethiopian music certainly should not miss out on!