The numerous reviews on this site prove the enormous hype that Gypsy music has become and we can hardly keep count of the compilations being released. Of course, there can be only one original and that are the BalkanBeats compilations from Berlin based Eastblok Music. Volume 3 in this series has just been released, but because at the time of the release of Volume 1 & 2 (both from 2006) the genre wasn't at its peak yet, we wanted to put them in the spotlight as well. From the very beginning these compilations were put together by Bosnian DJ Robert Soko, who has been doing his thing in Berlin's Mudd Club for years now. Soko often got told the music he played was incredibly contagious, but that no one had any idea who the artists behind the music coming from his turntables were. To clear up the mystery and to honor the artists he loved so much, Soko created the BalkanBeats series in 2006. The compilations include work by a number of well-known artists (Boban Markovic, Goran Bregovic, Watcha Clan, Fanfare Ciocarlia...), but also rarities that only few will have heard before (Slavic Soul Party!, Figli Di Madre Ignota, Slonovski Ball...). The undisputable treasure chest of Balkan music!