The fact music-wise Trinidad produces more than soca and calypso, we already knew thanks to artists like Queen Omega, Marlon Asher and Jamelody, but apparently the Land of the Hummingbird has a lot more reggae on offer. 'Be Upful & Right' marks the start of a collaboration between Trinidadian production company Tuff Nut Studio and New York label Fox Fuse. Tuff Nut was founded by producer Michael 'Mike Master' Samuel back in 2006 and on this track compilation he introduces us to a range of local artists who in turn do their thing over a number of successful riddims (Area Connection, Modern Day, No More War, Life Of The Ghetto...) from the Tuff Nut catalog. With as many as six songs in the track list, Marley Palmer is most prominently featured on 'Be Upful & Right', but we were more drawn to the voices of J Dot Manswell, Bucha or Tishana. Most impressed we were however with Empress Smooth ('Victory'), a singer with a voice highly reminiscent of that of her compatriot Queen Omega. Nice calling card!