The heat and humidity make Jamaica far from the ideal location to preserve music archives, but despite a long list of setbacks, going from a termite infestation over inundations to even two fires, a great deal of Bunny Lee's musical treasure trove miraculously stood the test of time. The title of this umpteenth compilation full of unreleased alternative mixes (Linval Thompson's 'Big Big Girl', Barry Biggs & Tommy McCook's 'Tapetone Special', Johnny Clarke's 'It's A Disgrace'...) and dubplates (Johnny Clarke's 'Down In A Babylon aka Live Up Jah Man' and 'Blood Dunza', Wayne Jarrett's 'Satta Dread', Cornel Campbell's 'The Gorgon'...), we'll let the master himself explain: "Them time me never used to let the musicians listen back to what they had done. Cos if you stop, then the vibes change and you never get it back. So me just in the control room, and as soon as one tune, finish me shout out: "Next tune!", and we never stop record!" We wouldn't exactly call 'Next Cut!' essential listening material, as of some tracks on this compilation the original simply sounded better, but for those who like these kind of obscurities, this compilation is certainly a must.