For 'Daora', São Paulo street slang for "super cool", Rodrigo Brandão collected thirty-two percussion-driven urban tracks ranging from reggae (Curumin's 'Vestido De Prata', Anelis Assumpção's 'Not Falling', the catchy 'Sorriso Forte After Luta' by Soraia Drummond) over hip-hop (Sapiéncia's 'Homem Sem Face', Rincón Sapiéncia's 'Elegancia') and electro (the insane 'Meteorango Kid' by PSILOSAMPLES, the estranging 'Noon And I'm Still Asleep (Live)' by Ushers & Elefantes) to afrobeat and Ethio-jazz ('Sou De Salvador', Brazilian afrobeat by Rodrigo Campos or 'Mulato' by Iconili, the beautiful 'Balboa Da Silva' by Bixiga 70, 'Malunguinho' by Abayomy Afrobeat Orquestra). This compilation once again appears on the Mais Um Discos label, in 2011 already responsible for 'Oi! A Nova Musica Brasileira!', but the music on 'Daora' is a lot more accessible and swinging then that on the first compilation. Beautiful aural journey through the alternative backstreets of São Paulo!