Sometimes a title already says more than enough and that's definitely the case with 'Gilles Peterson presents Havana Cultura, The Search Continues', because for this double album Gilles Peterson continues his quest for new Cuban talent, adding a successful sequel to 2009's 'Gilles Peterson presents Havana Cultura, New Cuba Sound' and like on that first double album, the first disc of this compilation is reserved for the more jazzy arrangements while the second one focusses more on urban vibes (though that distinction this time is not always that clear). It are the tracks on the first part of this diptych that have the most depth, because even though 'La Vida', the first track on the second disc (also to be found on the first disc in an alternate version) is a killer and the drum & bass influenced 'Kimbiseros' by Afrikun also tickled our fancy, the rest of the track list is not always of the same level.