On July 10th, a documentary by Peter Webber (director of, among others, 'The Girl With The Pearl Earring') on the Inna De Yard project will be released, and we got the distinct impression we should rather consider this new Inna De Yard album as the soundtrack of that film. On this album, there's a lot of recycling going on: 'Speak Softly Love' and 'Everything I Own', two of Ken Boothe's tracks, were already featured on his 2017 solo Inna De Yard album, The Viceroys' 'Ya Ho' was already immortalized for Inna De Yard when the project was still on the Makasound label, and 'Be Careful', originally recorded by the late Matthew McAnuff, and performed live by father Winston, Derajah and Var, enough to give any listener goosebumps, could originally be found on 2008's 'Inna De Yard Vol. 2'. 

In recent years Inna De Yard has not had it easy, because in addition to Matthew McAnuff, the band also lost trombonist Nambo Robinson and recently they had to say goodbye to guitarist Winston 'Bopee' Bowen. Earl 'Chinna' Smith, who at the time set up the project together with Winston McAnuff, retired for what we will describe as "creative differences". 

In addition to the aforementioned tracks, 'Inna De Yard' also features a number of excellent cover versions. With 'If You Love Me', Kiddus I gave Edith Piaff's 'Hymne À L'amour' or 'Hymn To Love' the Inna De Yard treatment, and newcomer Horace Andy goes for a reggae version of a soul classic in the form of Bill Withers' 'Ain't No Sunshine'. 

For the first time on an Inna De Yard album two female voices can be heard, with ex-I Threes voice Judy Mowatt and Jah9 joining forces for an Inna De Yard version of Mowatt's solo hit 'Black Woman'. Both Winston McAnuff and Cedric 'Congo' Myton opt for a classic of their own, the first in the form of 'Malcolm X', and the latter with an Inna De Yard version of Congos' hit 'Fisherman' (here called 'Row Fisherman'), even though we would like to mention the lesser-known 'Rebellion In Heaven' as well, and the younger generation is represented by ex-Pentateuch front man Kevor 'Var' Williams, who signs for the intimate closing track 'Live Good', and Derajah, performing 'Tribute To My Sista', an ode to his late sister who was killed in tragic circumstances (the original can be found on Derajah's 2011 solo debut 'Paris Is Burning'). Once again a very solid albeit less surprising Inna De Yard compilation!