'Mr Perry I Presume' is yet another chapter in what seems to be a never ending series of Lee Perry compilations on the Pressure Sounds label. This time Pressure Sounds focusses on remixes of existing Perry productions and obscure tunes which were intended exclusively for the sound system scene. Definitely worth a read are the liner notes in which Jeremy Collingwood takes the reader back to an out-of-control sound clash in the United Kingdom of October 1974, an event that as a consequence of a series of misunderstandings ended in chaos and excessive police violence; a vibe perfectly captures in Junior Murvin's 'Police And Thieves', an excellent dub version of which can be found on 'Mr Perry I Presume'. The recognizability factor on this compilation is quite high, as in addition to obscurities like an a cappella version of The Gatherers' 'Words Of My Mouth' or an alternative mix of the great 'Ethiopia Country' by forgotten duo Peter & Paul, the track list of 'Mr Perry I Presume' contains the magnificent 'Groovy Situation' by Keith Rowe & The Upsetters , 'Keep On Moving', a melodica cut by Augustus Pablo & The Upsetters of the eponymous song by Bob Marley, a dubplate mix of Bob's 'Sun Is Shining' and a dub of Max Romeo's 'I Chase The Devil'. Another excellent selection from the inexhaustible treasure trove of The Upsetter!