One of the most remarkable occurrences this year was the erection of the tent camps by the Occupy-movement or, here in Europe, the Indignados. 'Musica Contra La Represion' was originally recorded to protest against an counterterrorism action by the Spanish police against a number of militants of animal rights movements (an event that didn't make the news in our neck of the woods, but in Spain led to large indignation in left-wing circles), but could now just as well serve as the soundtrack to the protests against the excesses of capitalism. The twenty-one tracks on this compilation offer a range of genres from ska and reggae to rock and punk and it goes without saying that in the list of participating artists a number of usual suspects (La Kinky Beat, Che Sudaka) also appear. In the liner notes, we found an interesting quote by George Orwell that is still as relevant today as it ever was: "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.". All proceeds from this album go to the eponymous campaign (for more info: