17 North Parade/VP Records keep releasing their 'Reggae Anthology'-releases at a high pace, as less than two months after King Jammy, Augustus 'Gussie' Clarke is now also celebrated with a compilation. These days, Clarke is still mainly occupied with running his Anchor Studio, but it all started with King Gussie Hi-Fi, Gussie's self-built sound system. Clarke also soon began to production work to venture, first still in studios like Channel One, Harry J and Dynamic Sounds, but starting from the second half of the 1980s in his own Music Works on Slipe Road. You only have to glance at the track list of this compilation - containing songs like 'Loving Pauper' (Gregory Isaacs), 'Pass The Kutchie' (Mighty Diamonds), 'Rumours' (again Gregory Isaacs) or 'To The Foundation' (Dennis Brown) that have all become reggae classics - to realize what a true hit machine Gussie's Music Works was. But 'Reggae Anthology: Gussie Clarke, From The Foundation' contains lots of lesser-known gems as well: from lovers rock like The Tamlins' 'I've Got A Feeling' or 'Really Together' by Jackie Harris, Pam Hall and Big Youth, over excellent roots like 'Throw Me Corn' by obscure duo Larry & Alvin or 'Trappers' by the somewhat forgotten band Tetrack, to instrumentals like the magnificent 'No Entry' by Augustus Pablo , The Simplicity People's 'K.G.'s Cross Roads' and Tommy McCook's 'The Right Track', a song that also featured on the 'Gussie presenting The Right Tracks' compilation which was rereleased last year. The accompanying bonus-DVD, directed by French reggae producer Sherkhan, narrates Clarke's entire biography (in written form also to be found in John Masouri's liner notes), with the only the only regrettable thing being the fact important protagonists from that story - just think of Gregory Isaacs or Dennis Brown - aren't around anymore to testify about their time at Music Works. Do make an appearance: producers like Donovan Germain, Mikey Bennett and Bunny Lee, musicians like Nambo Robinson, Dean Fraser and Sly Dunbar, and artists like Mighty Diamonds, Freddie McGregor and Nadine Sutherland. Undoubtedly one of the more interesting releases in the 'Reggae Anthology' series!