With Joe Gibbs gone, his archives seem to be up for grabs. With 'Reggae Anthology: Joe Gibbs, Scorchers From The Mighty Two' VP Records tries to give an overview of the best work of Joe Gibbs and engineer Errol Thompson aka The Mighty Two. Although Gibbs previously worked with Lee Perry and Niney Holnes, only in his cooperation with Thompson he found the synergy that he was looking for. The subtitle of this 'Reggae Anthology' is 'Scorchers From The Mighty Two' and it has to be said, this compilation makes true on the promise of its title: forty (!) tracks, from Culture's 'Two Sevens Clash' (1977 not coincidentally being the year that Gibbs and Thompson got their nickname) to J.C. Lodge's 'Someone Loves You Honey' (the song that bankrupted Gibbs in 1984). And to think that it all started in a back room of Gibbs' radio and television repair workshop!