A lot of the music used for the (re-) releases of Bristol Archive Records comes from the catalog of Shoc Wave Records. Shoc Wave was founded in the late nineteen seventies by Dominican Gene Walsh, Fitz Watson and Melford Gardener and would remain active until well into the nineteen nineties. All these years the label remained a beacon for artists in and around Bristol and this posthumous tribute comes not a moment too soon. In the track list of 'Shoc Wave: A Bristol Story' you'll undoubtedly recognize names like Jashwha Moses or Bunny Marrett from previous Bristol Archive Records releases, but lesser-known artists like Buggs Durrant and Felix The Cat are also featured. 'Shoc Wave: A Bristol Story' doesn't limit itself anymore to the reggae genre than Gene Walsh did, as soul, pop and disco also had their place at Shoc Wave! The last song on the compilation is a piece of unadulterated soca in the form of 'Independence Fever', a song Gene wrote to celebrate the independence of Dominica and that has become somewhat of a Dominican anthem!