Above all else 'Steely & Clevie presents Memories' is a tribute from Cleveland 'Clevie' Browne to his deceased companion Wycliffe 'Steely' Johnson, a project they still started working on together. The track list of 'Steely & Clevie presents Memories' might come across a little odd to Steely & Clevie fans, because there's no trace of the typical digital Steely & Clevie productions like on 'Reggae Anthology: Steely And Clevie, Digital Revolution'. Instead the duo chose to revamp classic tracks like 'A House Is Not A Home' (a classic by Dionne Warwick, here in an adaptation by Freddie McGregor), The Heptones' 'Sweet Talking' or even The Chantells' 'Waiting In The Park' (for which vocalist Tommy Thomas was called back from oblivion). About the added bonus DVD we can be brief because what should pass for a 25 minute documentary about the 'Memories' project, is in reality the most amateurish piece of film we've laid eyes on in a long time!