Sulle Rive Del Tango started in 2005 as the initiative of a number of like-minded souls in Naples, first by organizing events and later followed by releasing compilations of their favorite tracks and artists, wanting to pay tribute to the tango genre. For those among you unaware of the connection/relationship between Italy and tango, bear in mind that almost 60% of the Argentinean population are descendants of Italian immigrants. With 'Aniversario', a 'Best Of' containing favorites from the first three volumes of their compilation series which started back in 2008, the organization, meanwhile active in Naples, Milan and Barcelona, celebrates its tenth anniversary. In the track list a lot of names we didn't recognize (yours truly was most taken with the minimalist 'Little Story' by Motion Trio, 'Peliculas', for which Demoliendo Tangos gave a number of classics from film history a tango makeover, and the jazzy Paolo Conte influenced piano-vibes of Vinicio Caposella, but please feel free to explore for yourself), but also familiar faces like La Kinky Beat, Rupa & The April Fishes ('Neruda', a tribute to Chilean poet Pablo Neruda), Boris Kovač and Goran Bregovic. Fascinating and at times mesmerizingly beautiful compilation.