English label IRL celebrates its fifteenth anniversary with the release of 'Terraforming In Analogue Space: IRL Remixes 2000-2015', also their hundredth release. On the double album a nice selection from the catalog IRL has built up over the past years, and those familiar with these pages, will definitely recognizes names like Tinariwen, Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara, Terakaft, General Paolino, Malawi Mouse Boys and Dub Colossus. In addition Independent Records Ltd request to Nick 'Dubulah' Page (Dub Colossus) to curate a remix project, something he looks on with satisfaction: "Curating this collection of remixes was both very enjoyable and challenging (many of the original multi-track masters were sadly not available, so part of curating also involved making sample packs for remixers). In the context of the current situation, post the Brexit referendum, with the rise in right-wing European nationalism, hate crimes and racist attacks along with increasing introspection and nostalgia for an imaginary lost England, it seems poignant and relevant to consider the alternative: an outward looking culture embracing the sounds and ideas of the world and our shared commonality!". Among the list of remixers a lot of household names like Transglobal Underground, Dub Colossus, Afriquoi and The Dhol Foundation, but also a few that did not immediately ring a bell with yours truly (Radar Station, Lunar Drive, Dalek Romeo, Eccodek...), giving the original tracks the one time a dubstep-vibe (the Stereo Mike Mix of Xaos' 'Processional'), added some dancehall-flavor (the Dub Colossus Mix of Justin Adams' 'Desert Road') or some drum & bass beats (the Lunar Drive Mix of General Paolino's 'Congratulations South Sudan' or The Dhol Foundation's Mix of Malawi Mouse Boys' 'Ndinasangalala') or even created their own ambient universe (the Syriana Mix of Lo'Jo's 'Sur Des Carnets Nus'). We wish the label another 15 equally prosperous years!