With this 'Two Tribes' compilation, Tobi Kirsch and Ubbo Gronewold want to give insight into how European musicians are incorporating musical traditions, especially those from the African continent, into their oeuvre these days. In the track list both musicians who having roots in Africa and collaborations between European and African artists, resulting on the one hand in rather traditionally flavored tracks in which instruments from both continents enter into dialogue with each other, and on the other hand more electronic productions in which Africa's musical heritage is integrated into Western club music. 

On 'Two Tribes' a lot of well-known Agogo faces (opener 'Jawa' by Andrea Benini, better known from the formation Mop Mop, could already be found on 'Drumphilia Vol. 1', Andrea's solo debut released last year, 'Walk For Ground' was already featured on 'Ketan', the album Ghanaian highlife-veteran Gyedu-Blay Ambolley recorded for Agogo in 2017, but here appears in a dubby remix by Berlin producer Aldubb, 'I Don't Like It, I Don't Hate It' is a new song by German formation Onom Agemo & The Disco Jumpers, and with 'Impala Rondabout' David Hanke of Renegades Of Jazz, who spent a large part of his youth in Kenya, explores his love for African rhythms and deep house), but also names that didn't immediately ring a bell, delivering no less intriguing tracks ('Zvichapera', in which French multi-instrumentalist Gary Gritness mixes Jacob Mafuleni's mbira rhythms with western electronics, 'Dékondor', by Tiliboo Afrobeat, a Berlin afrobeat ensemble led by Senegalese composer-vocalist-percussionist Omar Diop, 'The Horror', Ethio-jazz meets the soundtrack of a horror flick by English band The Sorcerers, or the psychedelic 'Titon To' by Finnish Trio Toffa, driven by the percussion rhythms and vocals of Cotonou, Benin born Noel Saizonou). 

Most impressed we were with closing track 'Just In A Moment To Find A Way To Sun Day', a composition by Raoul K, born in Agboville in Ivory Coast, but active in Hamburg for many years, lasting more than fifteen minutes and slowly turning a simple balafon rhythm into an ecstatic climax. This compilation brings together influences from Senegal, Kenya, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Morocco, Zimbabwe and South Africa, performed by musicians from Finland, Great Britain, Italy, France, Portugal and Germany; 'Two Tribes' in perfect musical harmony!