Just in time for International Women's Day (08/03), French label Reggae Livication Records, last year still responsible for Da Fuchaman's 'Rasta Will Be There' EP, presents 'Woman Reggae Vibes', a compilation allowing 9 female reggae artists to give the best of themselves. In all honesty we do have to admit to have recognized but two names from the track list (Keisha Patterson, performing closing track and Britney Spears-cover 'Baby One More Time', we still knew from her stint alongside Pam Hal and Leba Hibbert as girls trio Kingston Ladies, and since 'The Journey', we know Davanna Sweet is none other than Omar Perry's sister), but perhaps it's exactly that fact which makes this compilation more interesting. Naïtem's 'Summer Lover' and Carmel Zoum's 'Real' we weren't that impressed with (though the latter still takes revenge with 'Un Nouveau Jour', a track in French, a language she clearly felt more at ease with), but more to our liking were 'All In My Head', a contribution by Adeline Aurokiom, whose voice reminded yours truly of that of Mamadee (ex-backing vocalist for Gentleman) and our absolute favorite on this compilation, Cless Shine's 'Rudeboy'. Girl power!