At the time of the release of last year's reissue of 'Toca Antonio Carlos Jobim' we already announced more material of the Brazilian saxophonist would be unearthed from the archives of Quartin Records. Even though the songs on 'Esperanto' were recorded during the same sessions as those for 'Toca Antonio Carlos Jobim' (behind the instrument you'll hear among others: Dom Salvador - piano, Edison Machado - drums, Helio Delmiro - guitar and Edison Lobo - bass), they sound a lot jazzier, at times flirting with frenetic free jazz ('Quarenta Graus A Sombra'), but elsewhere more melancholic ('Ao Amigo Quartin', 'Mirilia'). The album opens with a swinging cover of Jimmy Heath's 'Ginger Bread Boy' and, to top things off, 'Children' and alternative takes of 'Ao Amigo Quartin' and 'Mirilia' were added to the track list as bonus tracks.