If you were a fan of the debut effort by Israeli trio A-WA, you should definitely check out this untitled album by Victoria Hanna. The Israeli singer was named after her two grandmothers: on the one hand Victoria, a rebellious, unconventional woman from Egypt, and on the other Hanna, who migrated to Israel from Iran and was a pious, humble woman. Victoria gave Victoria Hanna her courage, the urge for self-expression and a hunger for the exotic, while Hanna taught her the meaning of unconditional love, truth and devotion. The entire album is dedicated to Tziyon Ezra, the singer's father, and the songs in the track list are all adaptations of sacred, often cabalistic, writings that surrounded him throughout his life: The Sefer Yetzirah, a Jewish esoteric-scientific treatise from around the third century AD, in which the creation of the cosmos is described by God with numbers and Hebrew letters, served as a source of inspiration for opener '22 Letters', for 'Orayta/Torah' it was a passage from the Zohar, a collection of comments on the Torah about the nature of God, the origin and structure of the universe, the nature of the soul, sin, forgiveness, good and evil and related subjects, and 'Ani Yeshena/I Sleep' is based on a passage from the Song of Songs, a book from the Tanakh or Hebrew Bible). Intriguing postmodernist musical approach to ancient Jewish religious writings.