When being a member of a band like The Congos for several decades, a solo trip is probably not unwelcome. The other Congos, Cedric Myton and Ashanti Roy have done so already and now it's finally Watty Burnett's turn. Admittedly, Watty's vocals are often nothing more than raw growling, but it's that voice that makes him so unique. Not all tracks on 'Rasta At Di Kontrol' (an album that was originally released in a slightly modified version titled 'To Hell And Back' back in 2002), attain the same level, but we've selected the best picks for your listening pleasure. 'Snakes And Dragons' is a successful roots track on the riddim of The Congos' classic 'Ark Of The Covenant', 'Rainy Night In Georgia' is just about Watty Burnett's best-known hit (the song was also included on The Congos' 'Back In The Black Ark' album and is featured here in a slightly different version with Barry White-style intro), 'Ska Music' is an ode to the big guns from the ska era and title track 'Rasta At Di Kontrol' is a true eighties style rampage over the Diseases riddim.