For those who can enjoy a bit of obscure musical history, the Sterns label is offering up yet another beautiful compilation with 'Songs Of Happiness, Poison & Ululation: Dar es Salaam Dancing Club 1973 - 1975' by Tanzanian Western Jazz Band. Although already established in 1959, when Tanzania was still British territory and known as British East Africa, this compilation focuses on recordings that date from the period 1973 to 1975. Western Jazz Band was mainly active in Dar es Salaam, but most band members hailed from the former Western Province, a fact the name of the band was a proud reflection of. The band made name with the saboso, the Tanzanian variant of Congolese rumba and for the auditory explanation of the word "ululation" you best have a listen to 'Vigelegele' (Wikipedia provides the following description: high vibrating sound produced by quickly moving the tongue and uvula).