For 'Daily Hustle', the long player debut of Trentino, South-Tirol based Italian producers Maggu Mair and Paul Kofler aka Wicked and Bonny (the driving forces behind Botheration HiFi sound system), the duo joined forces with Berise, front man of Italian band Shanti Powa. 

Asked to comment on the album's title, Wicked and Bonny replied: "The way of life nowadays is a real headache looking for means of survival to get out of the daily routine in which Babylon confines us!".

This first album mainly focuses on emotions and anger agitating Wicked and Bonny: political pressure, anti-capitalism and the general fight for a better future. 

Eight stylistically diverse songs take the listener from the digital roots sound of the nineteen eighties ('No Compromise') via solid UK steppers ('General Strike', the remix of 'Ticken', 'Babylon Crash') and rub-a-dub (opener 'Rumours') to heavy electro-dub ('Vienna') and trippy dub (the Sound System Mix by 'Raw Bass'). 

Apart from Berise, Wicked and Bonny also collaborated with Mexican producer Mexican Stepper and Jamaican vocalist Isha Bel for closing track 'Babylon Crash', also the first single taken from 'Daily Hustle' (featuring an introductory sound sample of Angela Davis talking about revolution), French singer Daman for 'General Strike', and Jamaican vocalist Kazam Davis, who can be heard in 'Ticken' (featured here in a remix version). Solid but varied first EP by this Italian crew!