The source of forgotten roots reggae treasures seems to spring eternal. This time Willi Williams' 'Messenger Man' is dusted off and revitalized. Williams is still best known for his hit song 'Armagideon Man', a classic that also earned him the nickname 'the armagideon man', but simply calling him a one-hit-wonder would be doing him injustice and 'Messenger Man', an album filled with easygoing seventies roots, can count as proof of the contrary. Blood and Fire would not be Blood and Fire if they hadn't added some extras to the original track list; in this case 8 dub versions which, in some cases, effortlessly transcend the original (dub master King Tubby's hand is clearly audible). In short, this album guarantees an hour of pure enjoyment. Just lay back, light your spliff and enjoy! Rastafari!