Yaniss Odua belongs to the top of the francophone reggae scene (yours truly is purposely not using the word "French" as Odua is Martinique born), but his last release already dates back to 2008. Add to that the fact Odua this year is celebrating his twenty years in the music business and 'Moment Idéal' becomes a more than apt title. Apparently it was also the ideal time to pay Jamaica a visit as 'Moment Idéal' was largely recorded at the Mixing Lab Recording Studio under the watchful eye of master Clive Hunt who surrounded Odua with some of the best musicians on the island (Kirk Benett, Lloyd 'Obeah' Deton, Dean Frazer, Uziah 'Sticky' Thompson, Sherieta Lewis). 'Rouge Jaune Vert' is a very strong opener and 'Rabat-Joie' and 'Laissez Rouler' can also convince. 'Rumbaton' a salsa-muffin duet with Jonathan 'Racko' Contreras somewhat reminiscent of the work of Sergent Garcia, seems somewhat misplaced in the track list, but 'Leading Di Youths', a combination with Richie Spice, and 'Madinin' Africa', a trip to West-Africa featuring Tiken Jah Fakoly and Safiata Condé do hit the mark. For those who haven't yet gotten to know this rastaman from the French West Indies: this is the 'Moment Idéal'!