We knew French clarinetist Yom (Guillaume Humery) as the man behind the rather melancholic album 'Songs For The Old Man', or as guest musician on 'Boukane' by folk gypsy hip-hop crossover band Lolomis, but in 2010 he also founded Yom And The Wonder Rabbis, a project aimed on blasting the klezmer genre into the twenty-first century by adding electric bass, drums and electronics. That sounds like 'You Will Never Die!', a long-player on which Yom and his band mates question life and death (also the reason why they chose one of the aestheticized skulls by the French artist Jim F. Faure aka Jim Skull for the cover photo of the album), sounding like Giorgio Moroder experimenting with klezmer (opener 'It's Not Too Late To Save The World', 'Gaïa Big Love'), klezmer-funk ('Love'n Die') or even klezmer-rock ('Waiting For The Flood', Swimming In The Styx', 'Exoplanet 666'), but occasionally also very fragile and ethereal ('Kiss Me Goodbye') and with as a steaming climax, title track 'You Will Never Die!'. Daring yet successful avant-garde approach to an age-old musical tradition.