Let it be said, yours truly is more than a fan of the recent wave of German reggae releases and Pow Pow from Cologne takes the crown. Their latest production is the debut album of Zareb; if that name does not ring any bells, don't worry, because until very recently the man still went through life as Mr. Flash. It's very much possible that you will recognize some of the songs on this album, as the duets that Zareb/Mr. Flash did for Fantan Mojah's 'Hail The King' album are also present on 'Authentic Love'. The rest of the tracks are definitely worth a listen as well; Zareb is certainly not Jamaica's biggest new singing talent, but the production by Pow Pow (in collaboration with, among others, Bobby Digital, Calibud and Lion Paw) is a testimony of German "gründlichkeit". For those who already enjoyed the albums by Elijah Prophet and Daddy Rings, this is definitely recommended listening!