From the get-go yours truly was taken by the music of Zeker Weten (roughly translated: "absolutely sure"), a project set up by ex-Wawadadakwa guitarist Simon Pleysier and Frits Standaert, supplemented with a bunch of top musicians like Dennis Niccles (bass), Lieven Declerq (drums) and not forgetting sisters Leen and Mieke Diependaele (whose background vocals are a guarantee for goose bumps). The idea behind Zeker Weten is as simple as it is ingenious: play a wide variety of tropical music genres ranging from Congolese soukous (still Pleysier's absolute hobbyhorse) over Ghanaian highlife to reggae and funk, but translate the often corny lyrics into Dutch. Result is an at times hilarious sound reminiscent of Belgium's colonial days. If the Belgian Congo had still existed today, Zeker Weten would have topped the charts there for sure! Live they already convinced us of their powers and now Zeker Weten is releasing a first eponymous album featuring the same tracks they play during their live sets, but perhaps sounding a tad more restraint. That's not necessarily a negative thing, as it only makes the listener crave for a next live gig. And is that not just about the best you can expect from an album?